Monday, March 19, 2007

The Week that Wasn't.......

Apologies for my little break from blogger land….all will be explained…:)

Firstly my week got off to a great start last week when I came home from work on Monday morning to find a lovely little mousey present from one of the kitties awaiting me on the doormat. How generous of them I thought. They haven’t done this in a while but seem to be going through another of their hunter-gather phases at the mo and brining their catches home for me and Lee. Nice. Although it dos apparently mean that they love us very much.

So, I step through the door, put down my bag, and turn around to step back out to discretely clear up their pressie, when I realise that I’ve pulled the front door closed behind me. And it wasn’t on the latch. And my keys, and bag complete with mobile phone, locked inside. This is a good stage to point out that I was already bursting for a wee when I left work around 20 minutes before this. It was twenty to nine a.m., and Lee wouldn’t be returning home until 5pm. Not a neighbour or random passer by in sight.

So I spent the next 40 minutes or so trying to break into my own house with sticks and other random methods I’ve seen on tv programmes like The Real Hustle, to no avail. It’s not that the methods themselves were crappy, it’s was due to things like my letter box being slightly in the wrong position or the stick I was using being too short/long/bent in the wrong place etc etc. I even tried, and succeeded, to break into my expensive, supposed burglar proof, lockable cat-flap. Poo poo to that – I proved that to be a total waste of money within around 30 seconds! But it was no good as all that allowed was for the four hungry cats to bounce madly in and out of the house and for Rocky to stick his head out of it and excitedly bark at me directly, rather than from just behind the door.

Just as I was resigned to the fact that I’d probably have to perform “a wildie” with regards to my bladder urge, and that I’d have to sleep on my front lawn in order to get some rest before my impending shift that evening, one of my neighbours finally returns home from the school run. I relate my tale to him the fact that I had no phone to call for help or a spare key (he kindly offered for me to call Lee on his phone – but do you think I know Lee’s work number?!!!!), and he set about casting his, what looked to me anyhow, expert eye over my house for ways to break in. Isn’t it great to have a neighbour like that?!! *unsure* Within about thirty minutes, and after him quite literally risking life and limb and leaping through the air at ladders and window ledges and the such like, (bless his porky little bod) – I was in and safe and had access to my wonderful, delightful bathroom facilities!!!

It’s not until situations like this that you actually realise how easy it is, in fact, for someone to burgle your house if they have the right know how and tools. And I use the word tool in the loosest sense. Quite scary.

My next escapade was Friday morning. My sister and I thought it would be nice to go for a stroll along Mumbles. However my car had other ideas. My clutch was playing up along the way and I had to pull over and put my hazards on a couple of times, but just as we were coming into the village the whole car went crazy! It was randomly stalling, then shooting off on its own (even when the hand break was on) and I was unable to get it into any gear whatsoever. By some stroke of luck I swerved into a car park and there just happened to be a space that we could just roll into. I was a jibbering nervous wreck worried about how we’d ever get home but thank goodness my sister remained incredibly calm and she remembered that I had AA cover and called them up for me. An hour (and a Joe’s Ice-cream of course) later we’d been rescued and brought home safely by two lovely AA chappies.

Then Friday evening was the Swansea crop. It was a lovely and fabby evening, my class went well, I took part in the challenge, and we raised plenty of money for Comic Relief. During packing up in the last ten minutes, I started to get a strange pain in my upper abdomen and thought it must have been the anxiety of rushing to finish my challenge and balancing overseeing the class, but by the time I got in the car to come home, I was also feeling a bit sick. Once home, just 10 minutes later, I was shivering so uncontrollably that I thought I was going to shatter my teeth as they were smashing together so hard. Within the hour, and for the rest of the night, I was rancidly ill. It came out of nowhere and hit me so hard. There have been a lot of icky tummy bugs around the last month or so, and I thought I’d luckily dodged them all, but one must have found me.

To give you an idea of how ill I was, between Friday night and yesterday morning, I’d lost 10lbs!!! Shame that type of weight loss doesn’t last really!! I also always get all burst blood vessels all over my face and even in my eyes when I’m pukey lukey, so as well as feeling crappy I’m really looking it too!! But thankfully, I’ve felt a little better today – hence coming on here, I’ve been awake all day, my tummy is aching less, my muscles are slowly recovering and I’m up for a couple of mouthfuls of tea this evening :)

So that was my week anyway!! They say things come in threes, so I hope that my locking myself out, my crappy car, and my sickness is the lot!

In all seriousness, I must admit, things could be worse and I thank my lucky stars these are all I have to complain about. My thoughts and love go out to my friend and UKS team-mate Nina and her family xxx

I received THE most lubberly fun box of stash to play with this morning which was ordered for my birthday, so that perked me up a little, plus my wonderful Mummy called to see me with some Coca Cola – I usually hate the stuff but had a weird craving for some since Saturday, must be something to do with all the fluids I lost, and she lovingly came to look after me for a while today with a big bottle of the stuff. It’s great that even though when you’re a big girl, when you’re feeling pants and really need a big cuddle with your mum she’ll still come over and cwtch you and rub your forehead until you feel better. Love you so much Mum – you’re the best xxx

That’s one long post – if you’ve read all the way down to this line – thanks for sticking with me – you’re a star! Will catch up with all your blogs tomorrow xxx


Anonymous said...

what a week nat. Glad you're better x

Beth said...

Nat, my lil love, you've been soo pawly bard. When I read you lost 10Ibs, I did actually swear, and said "BH", (betta not say it out loud, case readers are offended, but it wasn't a norty norty swear word, just an every day one for me, lol). So, you won't have to do any sit ups then, cos you've used your muscles by puking. Seriously, funny how things come so quick. Glad you finally got into your abode too, thanks to your neighbour. Glad to see you back, and I did read alllllll to the end of your post too, hee, hee. Lots of Love Beth XX

Caroline said...

Nat - bit of a drastic way to loose weight don't ya think?
Hope you are feeling better now - you've had an eventful few days, hope lady luck is on your side for a bit now.........

Anonymous said...

Lol! Sorry the locking yourself out story made me giggle :o)
Glad you are feeling better now though hun! xxx

Dawnie said...

Gawd, Nat,hope this week is much better for you!!!

Cee in SF said...

Goodness! That's some kind of week. May they be few and far between.

Hope you continue to feel better.