Friday, March 30, 2007

Hello Strangers!!

Long time no blog I know! I'm guilty!! But in my defence I've been a busy girl what with all this car trouble, NVQ-ing and we've been bustling about my patio adding some new plants and pots for spring!

Just a quick post really with a little eye candy for you as its been so long :) You may remember this LO from a little while back - however this is a "new and improved" version! One of the cats fell into a dribbly sleep on the original and spoiled the surface of the photo, so I added the doodled ladybird and butterfly to cover up the damage. I also re-painted the doodled blooms with a brighter shade of pink to give the page a bit more zing. It's in this months readers gallery in SI - check it out, this month's gallery really is fab and it's good to see so many familiar names, including my good ole buddy Gems! Not sure what happened to the pic in SI, but it looks a bit murky colour wise and a tad blurry (seems to be just my luck with that mag lol!!), but musn't grumble!!

Also here's another recent LO, quite bright and quirky, but as of yet I'm still undecided whether it's finished or not. I might add some more embroodling, and maybe some hand drawn doodling across the photos. Just can't decide!!
Also made a start on Emily Falconbridge's 52-Card Challenge - not taken any pics yet but will be back with some once I get myself back into gear!! Finally made a start on my gift box and matching planner we're all making for the Scrappers Unlimited retreat today too - there's only 12 days to go, so I'm completing it in my traditional, last-minute style!! So far so good though! Can't wait for the retreat - even though I have to work six 12-hour night shifts in a row before hand so that I can get the time off! Bleuch!

Anyway Blogeroonies, catch up with you all soon xxx


Di said...

Lovin' your LO's Nat as always, good to see your still finding time for a bit of creativity. I must check out that copy of SI!

Mrs Sweetie said...

Came here from UKS SI thread. Not read any of your blog because I've been blown away by the slideshow of your LOs. They are all fabulous, particularly Dotty Shoes and Portmeirion.