Friday, March 09, 2007

Doggy Dates

Last week Rocky and I went on one of our doggy dates with our buddies Sian and Freddy. Although I'd seen Sian a couple of times since October (mainly for our little "LOST" TV parties - which might I add we are currently in total devastation about as we both have the former NTL, and following its' takeover by Virgin we no longer have Sky One or the best entertainment programme since Bagpuss), the Fredster and the Rockster hadn't seen each other for a while and were getting a bit restless about it all.

So last week we had a get together, for the dogs' sake of course, and seeing as our birthdays are close together it was a good excuse to go for a trek around Pembrey Country Park and a pub lunch afterwards!

It was a cold and fresh day - but we had the whole beach to ourselves bar a single jogger and his own canine campanion. This portrait of The Fredster totally cracks me up - it sums his crazy little self up to a T - one tennis ball in his mouth, and one between his paws!! He's a dog that wants it all! Rocky had to carefully seize his moment to mange to get a look in!!
Love this pic as it just sums up the isolation and tranquility of the beach that day!
Well, it's the fab South Wales Crop tomorrow - a 12 hour one to mark the crops 3rd birthday! I'm usually really excited the day before but I'm teaching a class again tomorrow so I'm all nervous. It's a nice simple layout to complete, and it's very bright and happy in keeping with the party feeling. We'll be having a nice lunch put on and everything! But the fact that it's a special crop actually adds a bit of pressure to me (silly I know) about teaching, plus being the shy retiring type that I am standing up in front of a room of 40 people is never fun anyway - let alone in front of 40 uber-talented scrappers!!!
I'm also dreading packing up my stuff to take- I haven't been to a crop since before Chrimbo so my craft stuff is aboslutely all over my craft room - I can just aout sit at my PC!! I'm not even sure where Stanley (my robox) is to cart everything there - and that's hardly easy to miss is it?!!! Also must not forget to pack my special glitzy crop slippers either - no way can I wear shoes for 12 hours man!! I've got such hot little feet! The slippers are really cute though - I'll have to get a pic of them..............hmmmmmmm thinking about them I may scrap them.....think they'll go nice with the BG Phoebe papers lol :)
Right - off to see my little neice as she's had some studio portraits taken - can't wait to see them!!
Catch you later blogeroonies xxxxx


Anonymous said...

Ooh I can't wait for our doggie dates :o)

And yus your slippers would match BG Phoebe very nicely lol.

Don't be nervous stwep :oP You will do great!

Gems xxx

Beth said...

Thinking of you at the crop lovely, you'll do supa dupa. Love teh beach photos, love the doggies too. Looks very tranquil there too. XX

Chrissie said...

You will be GREAT Nat! Looking forward to it :)

Anonymous said...

Have fun at your crop Nat.

Love the photos x

Cee in SF said...

I'm a fan of quality dog time and there's nothing better than having the beach all to yourself with puppies!

I need to see a pic of the slippers. Please add :-)

Caz said...

Great pictures Nat, makes me jealous...would love a windswept walk on the beach.

Di said...

Awwww great doggy pics hun.

I bet your class went absolutely fabaroo didn't it!! But of course, you being the shy retiring type.........yeah right!!!!!!