Friday, January 19, 2007

Let there be Pictures!!!

Ok, ok! So I know it's January the 19th - buuuuuuut Blogger has finally been nice and allowed me to upload some here's a belated sneak peak at out Chrimbo celebrations!!!

1. He's Been!!!! Oh yes - he definitely been! Look at all 'em lubberly pressies (and those were just for my Mum, Lee and myself, before Kat, Ellie and Andrew joined us later in the afternoon!!!), and not a lump of coal in sight. We're good peeps y'see!!
2. My cute likkle table before we destroyed it with lashings of gravy and run-away brussel sprouts!3. And here's the action shot o the day - pulling crackers was as energetic as we got!!! Mmmmm look at our lovely Chrimbo dinners - first one Lee and I have ever cooked - I'm soooooo gutted that I forgot to take a shot of our delictable cranberry and mustard glazed turkey, a la Anthony Worrell-Thompson!!4. Yey! Our very own little Santa-Baby arrived with her mammy and daddy! 5. Don't know who this riff raff think they are -the one on the left looks like she's a glamour model wannabe, and the one in the middle just couldn't resist getting her pair of melton mowburies into the shot. The one on the right looks classy enough though.
6. That's better........! 7. We did have matching santa hats but mine must have fallen off - hence the wind swept look indoors!!8. Lee gazing into the Chrsitmas tree (I think he was secretly wishing it would all be over and everyone go home so he could go to bed hehehe!) 9. And here's good ole Rock's at Mum's on Boxing day, where we did it all over again!!! Christmas evidently is exhausting for dogs, too, bless 'em!
Catch ya later xxx

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Di said...

WOW, all those prezzies, you were busy....and geez all that wrapping too!

Aww and bless lil Rocky, all worn out after all the excitement :-)