Monday, January 08, 2007

Happy New Year!!!

Belated Happy New Year everyone!

We had a lovely Christmas and I promise to be back with some (blurry) pics soon and a catch up of what i've been up to :)

In the mean time, the only pics I have ready to upload are those I promised you a while back, of the hilarity that ensued when Lee's nephew, Harrison, came over for the afternoon!

It was Lee's birthday and he wanted to cut his hair with the clippers before going out in the evening, but Harrison, being a busy little bee and wanting to be into everything at the moment - insisted on doing it for are the results.........!

He started off gently and rather timidly.........

But soon got into the swing of things.........
This was the point where he excitedly shrieked "And your chest!!!!!" A swift move from Lee soon saw that his chest rug was left in tact!!
Harrison was undoubtedly pretty pleased with the result of his handy work! Erm..................which looked like this!!! Brings a whole new meaning to short back and sides!!!

Originally I was excited at the prospect of a budding hairdresser within the family - cheap cut 'n' colours and all that - but I think now I'll stick with the professionals!
But on the plus side - when Lee got the hoover out to suck up his dearly departed barnet - Harrison even insisted (to the point of wailing when initially told no) on cleaning up for us too! I would have caught some snaps of him hoovering up everywhere but by then I was howling with laughter and had tears running down my face so I couldn't see straight - let alone focus me camera!!!
So there we have it - a little something to keep Gems going anyway!!!! Will be back asap with some scrapping and chrimbo pics :)

Catch ya later lovies xxxx


Anonymous said...

Yay! An update! Something to read that is not feministic in the slightest :o)
Aww bless little Harrison, he's such a cutie. Don't think I'd let him loose on my hair though!

Hysteri-CAL said...

Jeez - what a brave man !!

Happy new Year hun xx

Di said...

LOL, great pics Nat.