Tuesday, October 17, 2006


A shameless self toot here, but......check out p55 of Novembers' Scrapbook Inspirations as my page is published for the sketch challenge. As I can't publish it anywhere else for six months you're all just gonna have to rush out and buy a copy aren't ya?!!

5.30am: Just nipping back to say, on actually reading the mag I've found they've also used the page in the beginners guide at the back, to illustrate cropping photographs - but I found the accompanying caption so funny I breathed in a massive gulp of air and nearly choked on my own tongue!

"Natalie Grant's tight crop is really dramatic!"

It just conjured up the thought of myself in a tight crop top and tight cropped trousers. And yes.......that would be very dramatic indeed mwoooohahahahahahaha! And darn scary too me thinks :)



Di said...

Well done you hun, off to see if I can get a copy in town

Anonymous said...

Toot Toot! :o)
I haven't seen it in print yet as I couldn't seem to find a copy today. I then realised its not due out until tomorrow!
I've already seen the layout though, so can say it is gorgeous! And yummy papers! :o)
Well done yous! xxxx

Gaye said...

i've seen it!, i've seen it! :D its brilliant! toot! toot! :D