Monday, August 21, 2006

Quiet Weekend

Well, it feels like a long time sine I've sat at the PC - but it's only been a couple of days!! I've deliberately tried to stay away from here this weekend, rather than being glued to the net as usual. And a refreshing change it made too. We didn't get up to anything earth-shatteringly exciting, a bit of grocery shopping, catching up on sleep, visiting my mum and taking Rocky to the beach. But it was bliss I must admit. But here I am......back to the reality of a working week, and back in front of the PC!!!!

A new daily thread has been started on UKS, by Jane , providing prompts with which to blog about. It's a great idea when inspiration has run dry, and today's prompt really appeals to me. It is to talk abut your first name, any meanings it has, whether you like it or not, and anything else which may spring to mind!

Well, my name has Latin and Italian origins, and means "Born on Christmas Day". I've always found it strange that, although not born on Christmas day itself, I was born exactly two months later, the 25th of February. My parents had no idea of the meaning of the word, and I was infact born 10 days after my due date. Spooky eh?! And originally, I wasn't going to have a middle name, but my great grandmother died shortly before my Christening, so it was decided I should have her name, Anne, as a middle name. It didn't take my Uncle long to notice that this made my initials NAG - and boy - have I lived up to it! It would be rude not to really. As they say, nag by name, nag by nature!!!

Well, my intentions over my planned relaxed weekend were to get on with last weeks UKS challenge, I had the ideal pictures, however as usual left it until last minute and then found all inspiration had fleeted and for the first time in a while - I abandoned the project. It's currently sitting on my ironing board waiting for inspiration to strike (ha! As if I actually go near the ironing board!!!). I'm sure I'll be able to finish it in the next few days, and something will spring to mind to help pull all the elements together. Until then, I'm a signed and fully paid up member of the "I've lost my mojo" club. Got a name badge and everything *lol*

One good thing about the page though - is a new little bargain discovery I made over the weekend! Whilst nipping into Lidl on Saturday for some of their delish instant Amaretto Cappuchino (it's only £1.45 a tin!!), I went a-wandering down their "jumble sale" aisle as I like to call it - you never know what you might find in there! And what did I find I hear you all asking?!

A customisable address stamp! It's an office stationary sort of thing, you know the self-inking sort that prints lots of lines such as name, address and contact details?! So my little creative cogs were sent whirring and wondering what I could do with it - and for £3 I snapped the likkle contraption up!

And it's fab! It takes up to about five lines of text and comes with hundreds of, at most 5mm high, letters and symbols to create your text, a tweezer to fix them onto the plate and an ink pad.
So I've lost a couple of the tiny letters already as they went pinging across my kitchen when I was changing the text on the plate? So I've already snapped the mechanism that locks the stamp in place whilst changing them? (got around it by pushing it down on the table though - I'm cunning like that I am!!! *grin*) - I still love it! Here's a little peek at the result - that's part of this LO I'm struggling to bring together at present. Aren't they just adorable?!! £3 I tell you - £3! You'd be hard pushed to find some little rub-ons for that price - and this is reusable!
And the letters are the ideal size for printing onto Knitters and Sewers World...................lock up your grosgrain..........I'm coming to get you!

Look out for stamped ribbon on a LO near you soon!!!!



Di said...

Fab start to the blog prompt hun!! Mmmm NAG, "really", "are you" can't believe that!!

Love your stamp thingy, haven't got one of those shops near me :-( Looking forward to seeing the whole LO when you've finished.

Gaye x said...

Well NAG, i think i will be making a trip to Lidls pretty soon cos that is a bargin, it looks cool. i will join you in the loss of mojo club :)

Anita said...

Had a great time reading through your blog (found you re the UKS blog prompts !)



Cee in SF said...

I love a kindred bargain shopper. The best finds are made when you have to pour over piles of worthless items to find that perfect gem. Kudos!