Thursday, July 20, 2006

All aboard! Ding ding!!

Long time, no blog, so I thought I better update you on the latest humdrum nothings in my oh-so-boring existence!

Actually got some good news to report! Firstly, my Buddha Buddies LO, which I entered in this months India themed House Challenge on UK Scrappers, has been chosen from the 19 entries to represent the Green Buttons House in the final!! I’m really pleased as, once again, the Green Buttons submitted the most entries, so for my page to be chosen from all the others by my House as their representative has left me feeling pretty darn well chuffed! I have sussed out the finalists that I’m up against from the three other houses though, and I must say it’s very tough competition so I’m not actually holding any hope on being the overall winner – they are three very, very talented girlies!! Still chuffed to even be in with a whiff of a chance though!!

And secondly, I’ve been chosen as a member of a design team for Kraft Stop, a craft store based in Liverpool, following my submission of “Six Months Down…Three To Go” featuring Katrina and her bump! There are eight of us on the team, and they’re a talented bunch of scrappers so really looking forward to getting started on our first assignment in September! Really pleased as my fellow UKS “Doodling Daisies” team mate, Natalie Jubb, won a place in the team too, so I couldn’t be in better company!!

Other UKS news is that we’re all off on a summer holiday!!! As always, the UKS Mods have pulled out all the stops and have created an on-line crop with style! Preparation is underway for a relaxed, five day mini cyber crop, with a daily class, challenge, games and chat to partake in! Members are busily choosing which “route” they wish to take, be it an A-Z album, a heritage album, a holiday album, or a “Book of Me” album. Each route has it’s own “bus” to jump on, and I’ve already packed my sarnies, stash and sick bags for Bus No.24 – the Book Of Me trip! So between the 2nd to the 6th August I’m expecting to churn out a few pages on my favourite topic – me!! Ding ding!!

Not been up to owt creative this week, except making Katrina's 21st birthday card, which I forgot to take a photo of. We're off out tomorrow night for a meal to celebrate, so will promise a couple of pictures of us eating our nosh to amuse, entertain, and more likely than not, cause you psychological harm.

However, my fabbo buddy Karen has kept me busy in one of my favourite new “nerdy” pass times! I love playing about with pictures in my editing software, and after showing her an example of a LO I did where I “removed” a couple of cars from a road to make it appear more desolate, she asked if I could, as she put it, “work my magic” on a couple of snaps she’d taken on a day out with her family.

These are of Berkley Castle, and I got rid of the unsightly building equipment for her, thank goodness there wasn't any "builders bum" in the shot - as that would have proved to be too great a challenge for my poor ole pc!!

Here, I got rid of the lantern and its' funky energy-saving light bulb to make the most of the gothic atchitecture, as requested.

And here she is, the gorgeous thing,with her son, Jake. Got rid of the carrier bag from behind them, as she said she didn't want everyone knowing that she's a bag lady!! Ooops - sorry sweetie, your secret's out now!! *wink*

So if anyone else would like to fill my idle time by sending my any photos they want spruced up - you know where I am - challenges most welcome!!!


Beth said...

Oh Nat, great update on your blog. Hey, I'm on the same bus as you, (I think), whether I'll do anything is another thing mind. How useful are you in photshop doodah then, those pics are brill. Please can you tell me how you did it? I need to learn this myself. Have a fab day, Beth XX

xx Nat xx said...

Fanks Beth!! I'm not gonna be much help I'm afraid, Karen (who sent me the pics) has got some posh editing package and she can't fathom it out either, hence sending them to me!! All I have is the freebie copy of Arcsoft I got with my camera, and I LUUURVE it!! I can do all the things I need to with it - without shelling out all my hard-earned wonga on photoshop (which no doubt I wouldn't be able to work anyway *lol*) Will save you a seat on BOM bus (I've usually got some yummy treats with me *wink*)

~*Gems*~ said...

Yeh fab work on the photos Nat :) They look great!
I'm on the BoM bus too! Yay! I'm really looking forward to it. Got some ideas floating around, but need some more I think.

~*Gems*~ x*x*x

Di said...

Brill photo editing hun and congrats, of course, on reaching the final of the house challenge and getting on the design team (not unexpected of course though). Me also on the BOM bus, I've got plenty of cheese and pickle sarnies and a huge packet of choccy bics we can share.

~*Gems*~ said...

Ah! I forgot! Yes well done on getting to the final. Your layout is fab though and totally deserves to be there :)
Don't tell my house, but I voted for yours!
~*Gems*~ x*x*x

Gaye x said...

Fantastic news Nat, picked for a DT, winner for your house! you are on a roll :)
Great photo editting think i need to play abit more with my editing package

i,m on the same bus too, will pick all yous guys brains then :D

Gems caught yay!!! :D your secret is safe with me :)

xx Nat xx said...

Oooh Gems, they'll hunt you down and chop off your legs!! Thanks for the support hun xxx

Yay! Sounds like the BOM Bus is gonna be a good giggle cos the passangers list appears to be of the highest standard *lol* xx